Friday, June 22, 2007

Unirondack! Woo Hoo!

we arrived a little before midnight last night. meaty was the ultimate champ of 12 hours in the car (thats 8 for actual driving, and the rest for stops, including niagra falls). he sat on my lap most of the way, and watched the road go by. john did all the driving.. which was very nice. towards the end we weren't sure we were going to find camp... there was a big lot a 'nothin out there! but when we did, it was beautiful. even in the pitch darkness, with only the suggestion of trees, the amazing stars, and the smell of cedar.

amiee showed us around as much as possible at midnight, and showed me a few cabins. i chose one near the lodge. its lovely. has wooden windows with little curtains, a covered front porch which was great today in the rain, it even has a half bath of its own. it was chilly last night, and this morning john and i woke up, looked out through the curtains, and thought it had snowed! there was all this light area outside the cabin (this was the view through the curtains remember). once we pulled back the curtains, it made a lot more sense. the light area outside was the reflection off the lake. as it turns out, my lovely little cabin is lakeside, and has a wonderful view.

we spent some time in the art room this morning, and i was completely overwhelmed by how wonderful it is. it's far larger than i thought, so much larger than it looked in pictures. there's a nice big deck off the back with a panorama of sparkling lake. it's disheveled now, but i'll work over the next few days to re-organize it and get everything up and running. we had a group of educators come in today for a weekend retreat, and dan (the other director) arrived. there have been lots of neat people to meet, and really it's only a ghost crew.

meaty likes our cabin pretty well, and by tomorrow afternoon i'll have it all appointed and set up. for now i'm going to get to bed. i hardly glossed over everything that happened today, but i'll try to catch up when its not my first day!

with love from unirondack,
meaty and elizabeth

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bashcc said...

Glad to see you made it!!! Waited all night for your phone call to tell me that you made it safe!!! (guilt Sounds wonderful, glad meaty made it alright!! Know you do not remember the cabin in Harrison, but when Mom and I would go up there and get there at night just after a rain, I know the pine smell you are talking about!!! Hope to hear from you soon, send pics as soon as you can.....Luv ya Bub