Thursday, June 28, 2007

clay clay clay!

i'm sitting in the lodge tonight, drinking my r.w.knudsen lemon lime spritzer. i'm concerned i may develop an addiction to these things. they have them in the camp store, and we just keep track of how many we drink. it could become a delicious problem.

ups says my art supplies are currently in east syracuse. a mere 4 hours away! i cant wait. 4 boxes of beautiful art supplies. tonight i had the staff all come into the art shop after dinner and play with clay so that we can test out the kiln. i forgot how fun clay is, and how good it feels. i did some hand building today, and i think i may try to throw a piece or two on the wheel tomorrow.

i forgot to mention yesterday that a pair of butterflies have come to live in the art room. they are black and white, and one of them has a tiny tear in his wing. they visit me everyday. (i'm taking name suggestions)

we've had a lot of program meetings the last few days, preparing age based classes and workshops. campers arrive on sunday. only two more days to get ready! our first session, "emerson" is 4-6th graders. after saturday it's pretty much campers back to back the rest of the summer. some of the really busy sessions i'll be a cabin counselor as well as running the art shop. i think i can safely plan on being exhausted, but happy.


bashcc said...

Thanx for the pics!!! Looks like an art room to Need you to send me an email with your address so I can send you a "care" package. Have to get ready for work, keep the blogs coming.

Luv you,


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Deb said...

Beth, this looks like a place you might want to stay in permanently, I know the time will go by too fast. Wish I could come out to see it for myself. Miss you...Mom