Monday, June 25, 2007


right now smells like woodsmoke. it sounds like someone playing "blackbird", and ping pong. people talking and shuffling off to showers and bed, and people calling out words for boggle. tonight was our second night with a full staff. we've been working on projects and moving things, and brainstorming a combination of workshops for campers, and pranks to play on campers. they're all so much fun.

today we worked on putting together these modular floating docks and setting them out in the lake. it was brisk at first, but wonderful. a 15'x15' section of docks was at the boat house, and we needed to get it to the swimming waterfront a little ways around the lake. 16 of us hiked up, launched it into the water, climbed aboard, and rowed it like a giant raft. so much fun!

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Deb said...

hey beth, I finally got to read your journal, it sounds like you are in a great place and a lighter mood. I remember camp from when I went in the sixties at age 16. Funny that the smell of "off" still takes me there, who would have thought you could find a way to love insecticide! Mike was wishing he could go too when I saw him a few days ago. It would be sweet if we could all see it, maybe we will, if not this time then next.I went to see him play on the strip last night, the new side project with Olivia, she has a strong smoky voice and a blues style. The whole band minus taylor backed her and the club just went NUTS! Call me and ill tell you the details, it was an experience. The time difference should make it easy for you to call me when the day is over if you arent too sleepy from the work. Are you loving the hands- on (in) art experience, I bet all your clothes will have glue, paint, clay and melted wax on them, just like a few years ago! Love you, mom