Tuesday, June 19, 2007

2 more days??

plans are changing minute to minute, but in a good way. camp gave me the ok to bring the meatster (i love you already unirondack), but amtrak said no. soooo. i cancelled my train ticket (i was originially scheduled to leave pittsburgh at 11:55 pm, wednesday night) and will now be driving to camp! i actually like this plan much better. as much as i enjoy a train ride, this lets me have more control over making sure meaty is comfy on the way out there, and makes it far easier for me to pack, since i don't need to be ultra organized (not my true talent) to get specially packed boxes on a train.

because of the car accident a few weeks ago nate and i have some enterprise rental days allotted to us. i'm going to use a few of those to get a car to pack and drive to camp. they don't do one way rentals (so i can't just leave the car in new york) so john (always up for adventure) will drive out to new york with me and meat-a-roo. he can check out my new summer home, and then he'll drive the rental back to the 'burgh. (john, you rock!)

i'm currently sitting on my porch at the little house, and it is lovely and rainy out. it smells and sounds amazing. i just got my orientation schedule by email, and i'm soooooo excited. camp is going to be awesome. just the staff orientation week alone sounds like everything i would dream of camp being. it also sounds really relaxed, and doesnt feel at all like a job.. yay! i'm going to summer camp!

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