Friday, June 29, 2007

the lodge

so, i figure i should start posting some photos from around the camp. this will take a LONG time because there is a lot of camp. also, bear in mind that these photos will not nearly do it justice, and if you think the pictures are pretty you should surely talk to me about coming up here to camp sometime so you can see it in all its glory.

so, i'm starting with the lodge, and a tiny bit of the area around it. our lodge is huge, and beautiful. the original lodge had a fire, and this one was built after that. i'll look up the story and dates, and edit this post.

the lodge is two floors, with an open area in the center, so you can look down from the second floor loft to the first floor, and the fireplace chimney (which is huge) reaches up through the center. the first floor just had a new hardwood floor installed last week.

the main room is in front of the fireplace, and we have couches all around. this is where we have our programming meetings for staff, camp council, sit and talk late at night, drum or play the piano. theres a large room behind the chimney that has a foosball table, a ping pong table, and big built in orange couches, sort of like seats for a diner booth.

upstairs there are big chairs and tables, and books and games all around. huge windows starting on the second floor reach up to the peak of the building letting in tons of sunlight, and a view of the lake. i like to sit up here in the evening with my coffee and write this blog! there are a number a large wooden chairs, "kings chairs" with tall backs. the kids love to sit there while playing board games, and pretend they rule the camp.

there are three trails leading from the lodge. the first goes down a set of steps into the woods, to the art shop, boat house, waterfront, field (for sports) and the campfire circle. a second trail leads to the dining hall and the "sweet" cabins (where i live) a third that leads off to the "woods" cabins, parking area, maintenance cabins (wayne manor), shower house, and the nurses cabin.

there's a small "camp store" built into the side of the lodge, with a window that opens out over the porch so the kids can come and buy snacks and tshirts and things they may have forgotten from home (toothbrushes and stamps and such). the back porch is huge and screened in, with chairs and benches and a view off into the woods.

there are people at all hours in the lodge. they dance, read, write, drum, play piano, drink coffee, have ping pong championships, discuss, sing, etc. the lodge also has wireless, so it is where i'm at whenever i'm posting to this blog. :)

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bashcc said...

Hey Bubbette,

Pics look awesome!! What a great place. I'm like so Keep them coming!!!