Saturday, June 23, 2007

cedar, campfire smoke, and deep woods off

these are my new scents. and there are new sounds as well. frogs and birds and a quiet little wave sound of the lake below my shop. i worked on the art shop for hours and hours today. significant progress has been made, but there is still a long way to go. it was nice to get it opened up, and aired out a bit. i did a lot of sweeping, and dusting off of cobwebs. i have yet to start ordering supplies. i really need to do that right away! i had a couple of workshops with the kids today. the dozen or so kids that are here this weekend are the children of various RE directors that are having a retreat (did i already say that in the last entry?) so they are quiet varied in age for such a small group. the tiny ones are painting rocks, and beading bracelets. the older ones are drawing and knitting. after dinner and cookies the little ones were all sugared up and running circles round the art room. needless to say, i prefer morning session better. i think i'll have more energy for the running once the art room tidy up is finished.

mmmm.... hot shower.

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