Sunday, July 6, 2008

kids! everywhere!

so, this will be short and sweet, there are 60 young'ins about.

the kids finally arrived today. i had severely underestimated the great feeling that would come with them. they are full of fun and energy, so excited to be at camp. a lot of my very favorite campers are back from last year, and there is already overwhelming clamoring to get on the list for the week long art workshop. its great to see them!

i heard one first time camper talking to another (both of them 9 year old girls):

"i can't wait to do EVERYTHING!!"
"i know! its going to be great!"

i agree wholeheartedly.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Evening Kayak

i went for a little kayak today. i've been trying to get out for one everyday. i realize that wont always be possible, but so far i've spent a good amount of time out on the water. this is turning out to be one of my favorite things. so, today i brought my camera along. the pictures i'm posting here don't do jsutice to the amazing, AMAZING view from my little red kayak.

i headed down to shore around 7:30, and caught a little chipmunk digging at the waterline. must have been something tastey there, since he let me get reasonably close to him before ducking under an overturned canoe.

the water was calm, and i paddled around checking out the little cottages dotting the shore, partially hidden by the trees. some of them you might never see, save for a pair of adirondack chairs that look out over the lake, and make comfy spots for people enjoying morning coffee and conversation.

the lillypads are spreading about claiming their spot on the glassy surface, and with them beautiful buds of yellow waterlillies. i'll be sure to get back for more pictures in a few days when they open.

later on my trip i noticed tiny tiny lillypads in the center of the lake, all at different depths, with roots that hung below making them look like little green jellyfish. i'd never noticed them below the surface like that before. like little round green steps to the depths of the lake.

i took a route i hadn't taken before and explored a little of the other part of the lake. in all of last year i think i only managed to cover a tiny corner. the shorline changed a lot as i moved about. different plants, and larger stones. there are lots of little hiden coves... beautiful spots.

the lake was so calm, and beautiful. this is becoming my favorite way to relax. the air smells like pine needles, and you can hear the loons, and geese. it reminds me how lucky i am to be able to spend my summer here. and how good for the soul natural beauty really is. it feels good to be connected again, to spend time seeing the details, and truly enjoying them. Unirondack is an amazing place for so many reasons.

i'm hoping to get many more evenings on the lake in, but i know once the campers arrive it will be much, much harder to do. at that point, i'd have to get up early.... and we all know thats not oneof my talents. thank goodness i'm the art director, not the morning waker-upper!

more soon, i promise. i'm even planning to back track and mention some of the first week i was here. ;)