Sunday, June 24, 2007

sunday morning

it was super cold this morning. meaty was huddling under the covers with me, and i was looking for extra socks. walking into the kitchen however was dreamy. it was steamy and warm and smelled like sausages and cinnamon buns. they had already lit a big fire in the dining hall fireplace. i’ve come to really enjoy eating breakfast with 50 people. i think one of my favorite things is the contrast that proceeds the meal. because UU is a non-creedal religion, we don’t have specific prayers or anything that we say, but rather take things from everywhere, so every morning before breakfast someone will suggest some sort of song as a “grace”. its usually something kind of soft like this morning’s “thanks be for friends and daily bread” and it’s this nice sleepy melody, followed by a booming echoing clang 50 folding chairs clang open and we sit down to a hot meal.

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