Wednesday, June 27, 2007

jump in the lake!

so if you've spent your morning sorting dusty boxes of art supplies, a random hodge podge (or should i say "mod podge") of feathers and paper tangles of yarn and silkscreens, and its hot and dusty in your art room, what do you do? JUMP IN THE LAKE! i love having the lake as a constant option. i visit it a few times a day. it's such an amazing luxury.

speaking of luxuries, this morning i ordered $827 worth of art supplies. i think a moment of thanks to you, mom and dad, is in order. thank you for always buying me real art supplies. for all the art indulgence i was given when i was young. thanks to you, i get to spend my summer at the lake, teaching art to campers.

ok, back to the order... i got yarn for the weaving loom, beads of all kinds, sculpy to make our own beads, wax for melting and making candles, paper in tons of colors and textures, clay, glaze, glitter, scissors, colored pencils, brushes, tie dye, and so much more! im excited to say the least. :) and with that, im off to a staff planning meeting.


Danielle said...

Hello Happy Camper!!!!

I sent you and email yesterday or the day before with pictures of the kids and an update on the move. I am not sure if you got it so just let me know if you did. If so I can send random pictures of the little man and the princess.

I have been anxiously awaiting each post and it is pretty fun catching up on what is going on with you via this blog.

Thinking of your last blog about OFF made me think to remind you to be sure to check yourself for ticks!!!! Have you heard the country song about "checking for ticks"? It would totally be appropriate for you right now!!!! I thought I had a tick the other night. I of course ran in the house screaming for matt to check it. It seemed to be just a spider bite. Yes I am a freak!!!!

Anyway, I hope all is well with you...... sounds like you had an awesome time ordering all of your supplies......... I wanna come to camp and take your art class!!!!!

Miss you!!!!

bashcc said...

Hope the weather has turned for yout! It cooled off nicely here last night. Went to the Cass and saw "Mr Brooks", scary movie!! Hard to think that there are people like Mr Brooks out and about with us!!!! Sure there isn't any near your

You have to have the "good" tools to do the good job. You were the best and the best needs the "good" When are your campers coming?? Please take pictures of the inside of the Art building and also the crafts that you and the campers make.

How is meaty doing? Sootie has another sinus infection, went and got his antibiotics rx refilled today.

Having my one day off, running errands, doing laundry, have a roast in the oven for lunches and dinners for the next couple of days. Cut one of the dead pine trees down next to the kitchen. Neighbor kids took the wood for their bonfires. Have to go get sheets out of the dryer and make my bed, luv your blogs, wait for them every day!!!!

Luv ya,