Wednesday, July 25, 2007

new photos, new art!

ok, tons of photos that i've taken that i haven't had time to write about or post!

beautiful skies from the art shop balcony.

late night in the lodge. (note the mosquito bite)

stuff from the kiln... including leroy the red whale, and dinomouse!

thats too cute to be an ugly doll! buttons and pink fur don't know how to be ugly. i couldnt believe how many kids wanted to make these. sometimes i dont even know whats going to be a hit. glad i brought extra fabric!

king of the art shop. cute orange stripey king of the art shop. how wonderful it is to have meaty follow you around camp.

coolest coffeemug ever. (i take teeny tiny partial credit, i helped with the design)

we had the most amazing rainbows a few weeks ago. i meant to do a whole post about it, with tons of pictures. but heres one at least. :)


Tim said...

I'm so jealous of you! Wish I could be up there with you doing all this fun, creative, artsy stuff! Make the most of your remaining days and look forward to seeing you back in the 'burgh!

Linda said...

Hi Beth.....we've been thinking about you and just realized how to send you a comment! It looks SO beautiful there! The rainbow is awesome! Love looking at all your pictures and reading about your adventures....the time must be just flying by! Love you, Aunt Linda & Uncle Gary.