Sunday, July 22, 2007

meaty, triathalons, harry potter, and other stuff i've been too busy to write about.

today i let meaty out on his own. he was totally adorable. i decided he needed some freedom and fresh air. he ran around a little, was slightly scared by large noisy groups of kids, but for the most part was out and about having fun. when i went down to the art shop to be there for a few hours i brought him down there with me. he moseyed around the art shop, chased a small squirrel which escaped up a tree, he checked out people's projects, and laid around in the sun. i expect that every time i let him out he will be more and more bold. when i was ready to head back to upper camp from the art shop, i only had to call his name and he followed me up the trails back to our cabin. super cutey orange striped man. i think if i eep letting him out he will not come back so easily. we shall see.

as for harry potter, i have yet to read a single page!!! craziness. yesterday we had a hogwarts banquet in honor of the book release. we had banners for each of the houses, and a professors table up on the stage. people dressed up, and the kitchen made us butter beer, fudge and pumpkin cookies. 9 copies of the book arrived at camp... before campfire they played an audio recording of j.k. rowling reading the first chapter, and they let all the kids sleep over in the lodge. i stopped in after setting up some projects in the art shop late that night, and at 2am there were still kids reading their books by flashlight. a few counsellors have copies, so i'll start reading soon!

i cant believe how fast the days seem to be flying by. i had been meaning to write about excursion from last week. that was wednesday, and i haven't had a spare moment to write.

so.. wednesday i got to go on a teeny tiny triathlon. we set out in kayaks from camp, kayaked across the lake and upriver to just before the small rapids. we pulled out the kayaks and hiked through the woods three miles to moshier falls (incidentally in herkimer county!). moshier falls has a beautiful stone swimming basin, and the falls are lovely. there's areas to climb and hike and swim. on the way back i took a mountian bike one of the counselors had ridden in on the access road, and got to ride it back to the van they were using to bring in some of the campers (who were skipping the kayak portion). i was exhausted, but it was a lot of fun!!! it was a completely beautiful day.


Danielle said...

HOW BEAUTIFUL is that waterfall?!?!?!? Just as beautiful as the view from your lovely house-es........ PLEASE COME BACK!!!

just jess said...

Hey, i know those shoes!