Tuesday, July 17, 2007

lovely lovely adirondacks!

meaty and i are currently sitting outside enjoying YET ANOTHER beautiful day in the adirondacks. the weather here is truly fantastic. meaty is pondering the pros and cons of the tether. he likes to be out to try to track the chipmunks, however, whenever he is outside a large group of teen girls swarm down to pet him and coo over how darling he is. meaty is not really that type of cat. he's more the quiet one person at a time sort of man. so far he hasnt bit anyone. we'll see if he can keep that record.

camp is flying by. the weeks seem to blend together. the current session is Channing I (there is also Channing II). campers during this session are junior high and early high school. the first day they arrived was very intimidating. they were very, very, very too cool for everything. some of the girls are a little clique-y. we do the best we can to bust up cliques. now that they've been here they seem to be relaxing more, and letting their ultra-hip coolness gaurd down a little. this makes them so much more human. they're old enough to have some interesting insights on the world, and also old enough to clean up their art supplies, and not run when the kiln is on. i'm very very happy about that.

at mealtime i find myself drawn to siting with the ones i would have been friends with. we have a few artists, and odd nerdy types. a few gender benders. theyre cool kids all around, but i have my favorites.

the projects in artshop are getting some pretty interesting results as well. they're coming up with neat silk screen designs, and sculpting clever things in clay. i have a workshop on friday to make ugly dolls and monsters. when my day off started yesterday afternoon i went and got some fabric and things in town. i'll post the results. :)

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