Friday, July 13, 2007

busy, busy barton

my second week of campers is winding down to a close. as you may have noticed due to my lack of posts, barton was a busy week. but lots of fun!! yesterday i took two groups on excursions to eagle falls (without my camera because im a damn fool!). next time, pictures for sure. the art shop has been a wild and crazy flurry of late night kiln firings, glaze and paint and costumes and silkscreening, and candle making and beading and BOONDOGGLE (also known as: gimp, lanyard, and "hey i want to make one of those things with the plastic strings, but i don't know how to start it will you start it for me?"). if anyone needs a plastic keychain, by all means let me know.

i have a few shining art stars who make pottery i want to keep for myself, and do nice self portraits and beading. they rock. as always.. pictures will come later.

meaty has learned to open the cabin door, and has thus escaped twice. now that hes been out and about on his own, he is very determined to be out again. if hes out on his own (as in, off the leash) he has a sweet young chipmunk in his mouth in about two minutes flat. im incredibly torn. i would love to let him have his freedom and run around, but he would endanger the other cute and stripey population here at camp. oh.. what to do.

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John said...

As a fancy, pants English queen once said (maybe she was french, who cares) "Let them eat chipmonks!!" or something to that effect!