Wednesday, July 4, 2007

my cabin

i had promised to post some more pics, and i had taken some of my cabin last week, but didn't have a spare moment to post them. one of my next door neighbor campers told me this evening that my cabin looked like a hotel room. i think that's a gross overstatement, but it was very cute. and it reminded me that i had planned to put these pics up.

so my cabin is small, but great. it has one main room, with a closet and a small bathroom attached. it has a large window overlooking the lake, and a cute little covered front porch. it has wood trim and a small bookshelf next to the bed. the upper half of the walls are painted a soft yellow. the floor is wood, and somewhat patchy. i like it.

meaty seems to like it well enough as well. he gets lots of attention. the kids come by and call to him through the window, and ooh and ahh over how cute he is. he has a nice view of the lake, the trees, campers and chipmunks running by all day.

the window is big enough that you can see my quilt from outside, and that really brightens things up. the whole place is cozy and happy. we like it. the first day i was here cleaning the art shop, i found a little wooden fish on the floor that someone had started to paint and given up on. i repainted him and made him into a light pull for the light over my bed. i am slowly but surely adding little bits of color to the room. :) i also snagged a bunk bed ladder that was being thrown away to use as a shelf for extra blankets. cozy indeed.

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Ehrrin said...

I just finally remembered to start reading your blog--I love it! It sounds wonderful, and I'm so glad you're having a good time. Those campers are lucky folks!