Sunday, September 23, 2007

every minute i can get

there is still so much about my summer at unirondack i need to write about. i keep thinking i'll still have time to do it before i forget what it was really like. for now, i want to mention this morning..

i'm back at unirondack for the weekend. i left finally about 2 and a half weeks ago, and was completely thrilled to have the chance to get back up here this past weekend. it was the board retreat, and a few of us summer staff (myself, jonathan gotfried, marie, beth and mike, and colin) came up to do some projects around camp, and spend time with the board of directors.

it was a lovely weekend, with warm days and cool nights. i had my down comforter. and there were fires in all the fireplaces. the leaves have started to turn, and there are little firey places all across the lake. its lovely.

this morning i got up and took out a kayak on the lake. it was smooth as glass, and the fog was lifting up with the sunrise. there were loons out while i paddled around the edges near the lillypads, and a little frog on the shore as i was climbing into my kayak.

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